StarLeaf Standby Comms resilience

The gap in your resiliency offering

If you’re an MSP, VAR, MDR provider, DFIR provider or any other organisation delivering resilience, incident response or business continuity services, you’ll already have resilience vendors in your portfolio.

And those technology vendors might cover data resilience for file data backup and recovery to prevent critical data loss. Or network resilience services such as endpoint protection, ransomware protection, firewalls and managed detection and response services. But what about your customers’ communications? What services do you have available to ensure their communications are available when they need them most?

StarLeaf Standby bridges the gap in your resilience offering with:

  • Meetings failover
  • Emergency broadcast
  • Offline Active Directory snapshots and browsing
  • Calling failover
  • Instant messaging and chat failover

Giving you a complete service offering for your customers. And because StarLeaf Standby is the only communications failover service of its kind, adding it your portfolio gives you the edge over your competitors while also complementing your existing business continuity and resilience offering.

StarLeaf Standby Resilience Toolkit