It’s not if, it’s when

What’s your plan for when the worst happens?

Planning for failure

Resilient organisations plan for failure. What is your communications response and recovery plan for when the worst happens?

This timely Gartner® research looks at the arguments for prioritising resilience over defence when it comes to cyber security breaches. Cyber-attacks are an inevitability, but a robust response strategy protects core business operations, reduces time to recovery and limits financial and reputational damage.

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Gartner, Maverick* Research: You Will Be Hacked, So Embrace the Breach, Michael Kelley, Katell Thielemann, David Gregory, 21 July 2021.
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Business continuity readiness

Creating robust business communications

Organisations everywhere are benefitting enormously from the rapid digital transformation of the past 24 months.

Critical activities are now dependent on business communication and collaboration services.

Watch our recent webinar to learn what can happen when things go wrong – from a collaboration platform outage to a cyber attack – and to hear what you can do to protect your business now.

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Cyber incident response and recovery

StarLeaf Standby for incident response

Cyber-secure businesses are balancing their focus between preventing cyber crises and preparing for them. StarLeaf Standby is a suite of tools that can help in these preparations, and support your business in the minutes, days, and weeks following the start of a cyber crisis.

Find out more about how StarLeaf Standby, the innovative enterprise comms failover service, can help your organisation be cyber resilient.

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