Cyber incident response and recovery

Enterprise communications failover during and after security incidents

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The new cyber security landscape

The cyber threat level is at an all-time high. The frequency and sophistication of attacks is constantly increasing, with the rise in remote and hybrid working creating a dramatically enlarged attack surface.

In many businesses, the shift to remote working has also created a new dependency on communication and collaboration services like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex.

If these communication services are unavailable for even a short period of time, the financial and operational impact on the business is potentially severe. And if your primary collaboration platform is compromised, it will be unsuitable for coordinating your incident response.

Enabling your recovery strategy

With StarLeaf Standby, you get peace of mind that everyone in your business can keep communication flowing while you and your team focus on responding to an attack.

StarLeaf Standby provides a suite of real-time communication tools with which you can:

Communicate within your immediate team to securely and confidentially co-ordinate an effective response to a cyber attack, data breach or other serious incident.

Inform colleagues of the business’s response plan, via mass notifications, while maintaining communications with regulators, media etc.

Contain the outbreak, providing a complete failover communications service, on the air-gapped StarLeaf platform, while access to Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex has temporarily been suspended.

Recover affected servers and data from backups (plus any affected endpoints) while again providing a failover communications service for end users unable to access Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex.

Your essential communications tool-kit

StarLeaf Standby offers a comprehensive suite of secure messaging, video meetings and calling tools to help you manage every phase of a security incident and maintain continuity of operations

Enterprise meetings failover
  • Video meeting failover
  • Audio meeting failover
  • Meeting room system failover
  • Secure supplier and customer collaboration
  • Access to external/3rd party meeting services
Enterprise video communications failover
  • Video briefings (live or pre-recorded)
  • Internal and external live video updates
  • Training broadcasts
  • Emergency help desk
Enterprise telephony failover
  • Comprehensive phone system and telephony failover
Enterprise secure file sharing
  • Secure file transfer
  • Rapid secure information distribution
  • Pre-set groups for sharing specific files and documents
Enterprise instant messaging
  • Messaging failover
  • Team and group convening
  • One-to-one and group messaging
Enterprise crisis management and incident response communications
  • Virtual white rooms
  • Virtual briefing rooms
  • Incident response handling and coordination groups
  • Cyber security incident response communications support
Emergency mass notification system (EMNS)
  • Emergency mass alerts (multichannel)
  • Mass messaging
  • Emergency video broadcasts

StarLeaf Standby helps organisations meet cyber security mandates and best practices, including:

  • NCSC Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF)
  • FCA PS21/3

StarLeaf Standby and Microsoft Teams: seamless integration

If attackers penetrate your network, you may need to shut down your communications services, including your active directory, email, calendaring, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex, to halt its spread.

But this can leave hundreds or thousands of end users without their essential day-to-day communication tools, which may simply not be viable.

StarLeaf Standby offers instant one-click failover for Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex, on any supported device. So shutting down the service won’t bring your business to a standstill.

Users get access to all their contacts and chat groups, plus one-to-one and group video meetings and voice calling. So they can carry on as normal until Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex is restored.

Because StarLeaf Standby is fully air-gapped from your IT infrastructure, and runs on the wholly independent StarLeaf platform, it provides a resilient backup for communications and collaboration.

StarLeaf Standby in action

Based on the events of a real-life ransomware attack, this example shows how StarLeaf Standby supports the phases of incident response and recovery.

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