StarLeaf Standby

Enterprise communications failover for business continuity and incident response

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Enterprise communication and collaboration

Enterprise communication and collaboration tools are an essential part of doing business, allowing everyone to work together effectively and supporting the critical functions of the company. But what if your collaboration platform was unavailable for three hours, three days or three weeks? How would your business be able to carry out those critical business functions such as fulfilling orders, paying suppliers and talking to potential customers?

Cyber attacks

Cyber attacks, advanced persistent threats from nation-state actors or a simple network misconfiguration can make these platforms unavailable for your users, leaving them unable to collaborate or communicate at all. Imagine Active Directory is unavailable for your users, either due to an external intrusion or because the IT team proactively disabled access to prevent a suspected in-progress attack from spreading further. Without such core pieces of your technology stack, could your users continue their jobs? Could they even communicate?

Automatic failover

StarLeaf Standby runs a constant live backup of the meetings, contacts and groups for your Microsoft 365 tenant. Standby lets you automatically failover and re-create everyone’s meetings from the last known good point with a single click.

With options to also failover telephony and instant messaging, Standby allows you to isolate your core services without worrying about the downtime for your users.

StarLeaf Standby