Relying on Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex?

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Introducing StarLeaf Standby

StarLeaf Standby is the unique communications failover service that delivers secure collaboration during and after any situation that renders your primary platform unavailable.

For MS Office 365, Teams, or Outlook users, StarLeaf Standby offers a failover toolkit that can be activated instantly, including unique capability to automatically failover all scheduled upcoming video meetings, as well as messaging and calling, to a completely secure and out-of-band communications platform.

StarLeaf Standby also fully support organisations that are using Zoom or Cisco Webex as primary or supplementary communications platform.

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Business continuity readiness

Creating robust business communications

Organisations everywhere are benefitting enormously from the rapid digital transformation of the past 24 months.

Critical activities are now dependent on business communication and collaboration services.

Watch our recent webinar to learn what can happen when things go wrong – from a collaboration platform outage to a cyber attack – and to hear what you can do to protect your business now.

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Robust business communications

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A free trial of StarLeaf Standby allows you to easily impact test your critical business communications services, and run fire drills and incident response simulations for cyber attacks and outages.

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