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The new risk and compliance landscape

The widespread shift to remote working, and the acceptance by customers of video as equal to face-to-face interactions, means many businesses are increasingly dependent on services like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex for their essential operational and revenue-generating activities.

As a result – and especially for businesses in heavily regulated industries like financial services, insurance and banking – these communication channels should now feature prominently in operational resilience and risk assessments.

And if these communication and collaboration services are suddenly unavailable as the result of an outage or incident, intensively regulated businesses face the added risk of breaching industry standards and regulations.

Your secure and compliant operational resilience tool-kit

As part of a firm’s operational resilience and compliance readiness, StarLeaf Standby provides a comprehensive suite secure of real-time communication tools. These enable continuity of internal and external communications, under any circumstances where normal operations are disrupted.

For financial services businesses, for example, StarLeaf Standby enables continuity of communications in areas including:

Claims processing

Contact centre operations

Collaboration with IFAs, advisers and partners

Wealth management, tax and retirement planning

Loan interviews and servicing

VC and private equity pitches

Customer engagement and experience

Mandatory employee training

Financial advice and portfolio management

International fraud and AML investigations

How StarLeaf Standby helps

StarLeaf Standby can help businesses to meet a wide range of national, international and industry-specific frameworks and regulations.

Best practices

BCI Good Practice Guidelines (Business continuity – all industries)

A widely followed step-by-step model for effective business continuity.

Where a business impact analysis (BIA) identifies an organisation may exceed its minimum tolerable period of disruption (MTPD) as the result of a Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex outage, StarLeaf Standby offers instant failover for critical communications.

Standards and frameworks

ISO/IEC 27001:2013: A.17 (Information security – all industries)

A.17 sets out the business continuity requirements an organisation must demonstrate as part of their ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation. It requires a business to embed a level of redundancy into its systems so that continuity of information security can be maintained. StarLeaf fulfils this requirement by offering instant failover from an organisation’s main communication services.

ISO 22301 (Business continuity – all industries)

ISO 22031 requires businesses to put in place measures to enable timely warnings and communications in the event of a major adverse event. In addition, businesses are required to review and update their business impact assessment and analysis when the business experiences significant changes.

For businesses that have made a significant transition from office-based to hybrid working, StarLeaf provides a complete failover business communication and collaboration service.

Industry regulations

FCA PS21/3 (Finance & banking)

Designed to reduce the negative impact of operational disruption, the UK FCA PS21/3 guidance take effect in March 2022. It requires firms to identify their most important business services, decide on a tolerable level of disruption, and pinpoint any vulnerabilities in their current operational resilience. Firms must also identify material changes to their business and ensure these are risk-assessed.

StarLeaf Standby provides a suite of secure digital communication and meeting tools that enable financial services firms to continue to deliver their most important business services if their primary digital platforms are unavailable and during other disruptive events.

How it works: resilient communications failover

On activation, StarLeaf Standby replicates each end user’s collaboration and communication services across their devices, including all their chat groups, scheduled meetings and contacts, to enable seamless continuity.

IT activates failover for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex or enterprise telephony in a single click

IT activates failover for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex or enterprise telephony in a single click

When the main communication platform is restored, IT fails back to it in a single click.

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