StarLeaf Standby Partner Programme

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Why StarLeaf Standby?

Digital communications are now business-critical for organisations of all sizes across all sectors. Businesses depend on these tools for their day-to-day operations to collaborate internally, communicate with suppliers and customers and connect remote and hybrid workers. This mission-criticality, and a climate in which those communications are at increased risk, means there is now an ever-growing appetite for solutions that ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of enterprise communications in the event of an incident, outage or cyber attack. StarLeaf Standby is an innovative enterprise comms failover service that uniquely meets this need, presenting an unmissable opportunity for resellers and managed service providers.

StarLeaf Standby features

How does StarLeaf Standby help when your customer’s primary communications platform is unavailable?

Standby meetings failover

Meetings failover

At the press of a button all the organisation’s scheduled Teams, Zoom or Webex meetings are instantly and automatically recreated on the StarLeaf Standby platform, removing the need to reschedule or manually recreate events and keeping business-critical activities in operation.

Standby emergency broadcast messaging

Emergency broadcast messaging

Send emergency SMS messages to users to notify them of an incident and advise them on next steps. Provides reassurance and makes sure everyone knows the plan.

Standby instant conference bridge

Instant conference bridge

Bring the incident response team together instantly on an emergency conference call to initiate response and recovery processes.

Standby Active Directory back-up and browsing

Offline Active Directory snapshots and browsing

Snapshots of last-known good points mean admins and users can still browse directory information, such as contact details, should the confidentiality, integrity or availability of the primary store be compromised.

StarLeaf Standby Resilience Toolkit

The gap in your resilience offering

Complete your business continuity portfolio with StarLeaf Standby – automatic failover for online meetings

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Why partner with StarLeaf Standby?

Whether you are a managed service provider, value-added reseller, managed detection and response provider, digital forensics and incident response provider, or any other organisation delivering cyber resilience, incident response or business continuity services, partnering with StarLeaf Standby delivers a range of benefits to your organisation.

Easy deployment

To get started, the O365 tenant simply needs to be authenticated with StarLeaf Standby. Simple onboarding makes it suitable for any customer, opening up your prospect base.

Timely offering

The last two years have expedited digital transformation; organisations everywhere are sold on the benefits of virtual comms. The focus now, against the current backdrop of increased risk, is operational resilience and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of enterprise communications technology. Adding StarLeaf Standby to your service offering now reinforces your reputation as an expert vendor.

Increased satisfaction

StarLeaf Standby as an attached sale for Teams, Zoom, or Webex means no downtime for your customers should the confidentiality, integrity or availability of those platforms be compromised, giving your expertise credibility and increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Compelling price point

StarLeaf Standby offers a low-friction entry price point, with pricing starting from as little as $1 per user per month and is easily scalable to any customer’s business communications continuity and incident response requirements.

Upsell opportunities

StarLeaf Standby offers an optional suite of compelling add-ons and applications available at an additional cost, including failover for Poly rooms and PSTN capabilities, allowing you to meet the needs of all kinds of customers.

Better margins

Earn a generous margin on your StarLeaf Standby deals. StarLeaf Standby can help you increase your profitability.

Differentiated service

Set yourself apart from your competitors with a unique service that gives your offering the competitive edge.

Complementary solution

StarLeaf Standby complements your existing portfolio offerings, for instance as a resiliency offering alongside Microsoft M365 services, a broadening of backup and recovery capabilities alongside services such as Dell or Veeam, or further securing IT alongside cyber-security products.


For a deep dive into StarLeaf Standby and what it can do for you and your customers, take a look at our recent webinar

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About StarLeaf

Founded in 2008, StarLeaf is a pioneer in the UC&C space with organisations and enterprises around the world relying on our robust and resilient service for meetings, messaging, and calling every day. Standby is delivered by the StarLeaf platform, renowned for its security and industry-unique 99.999% service level uptime guarantee. Find out more in our dedicated security centre.