StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams

Enable Microsoft Teams users to meet with anyone, anywhere, on any device

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StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams brings everyone together using high quality StarLeaf video meetings, regardless of whether they use Teams, Slack or another collaboration tool, even if they’re outside your organization.

Quick and reliable

Invite anyone with an email address, internal or external to your organization, to bring everyone together, quickly and reliably.

Seamless integration

Works seamlessly with other Microsoft tools, integrating and synchronizing between Outlook and Teams calendars.

Meet from anywhere

You can join from StarLeaf on any device, or from any room system, including StarLeaf, Cisco, Poly/Polycom or Lifesize.

Up and running in seconds

Quick and easy deployment from the Microsoft Teams admin dashboard, for specific teams or your entire organization.

Integrates with Azure Active Directory

Free up admins with automated user provisioning and off-boarding.

Get everyone together, no matter how they collaborate

StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams brings people together, no matter how or where they work. Whether it’s Slack or Teams, or another app, every team can continue to use the tools that work best for them, and get access to intuitive, reliable and secure video meetings with a consistent experience.

Works seamlessly with Microsoft

StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams works the way you do. You can join a StarLeaf video meeting, and create or schedule a meeting, without leaving your Teams chat or channel. And because StarLeaf integrates seamlessly with the whole Microsoft technology stack, you can create, schedule and manage your meetings in either your Teams or Outlook calendar.

Get everyone up and running in seconds

Deploy StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams in seconds from the Microsoft Teams admin dashboard, for specific teams or your entire organization. It’s easy for everyone to get started with simple user-authentication and a StarLeaf account.

Management made simple

The StarLeaf Azure Active Directory Integration, combined with StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams and our automatic software upgrades, mean the StarLeaf platform manages itself.

New users are provisioned and set up with StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams, and if they’re removed from AD, they are off-boarded from the StarLeaf for Teams integration. It frees up admins to focus on what they need to.

Make the most of your meeting rooms

Existing kit in your conference rooms? No problem! All StarLeaf meeting invites include easy joining options, including joining from StarLeaf room systems or StarLeaf on your device or other room systems including Cisco, Poly/Polycom, and Lifesize.